Chicks and Bunny Run

The Chicks and Bunny Run is held near to the Easter weekend at Rowney Warren, near Shefford.

It is a free to enter fun event for members of Biggleswade AC.

The “Chicks and Bunny run” is a time trial relay for teams of three athletes. There are three team

Categories; adults, juniors or mixed. Adults will run a 2km trail, juniors will run a 1km trail. Each

member of the team will run their stage one after the other, however this is not just a test of

speed, there is brain power needed as well!

At the end of their stage each member of the team will need to do an Easter egg hunt in our rabbit warren and answer the question on the egg before the next runner in their team can set off. Get the answer wrong and your team will get a time penalty!

Check out our message board for further information when available.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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