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Couch to 5K Training Programme

Welcome to the Biggleswade Athletics Club’s Couch to 5K training programme.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed for those who haven’t run before or haven’t run for a while.


How far should I be able to run to join in?

You don’t need to be able to run at all and it is suitable for almost anyone. You will work at your own pace and build up very gradually. However, people will progress at different rates and it may be that if you come along with a friend, one of you may find it easier, run faster or improve quicker.

Please try not to judge yourself against others and their progress; this is your own very personal journey and success is not all about how fast someone can run.

Please note that there should be no medical reason which would make running dangerous for you and if in doubt please ask your GP before attending.


What will be involved?

These sessions will be facilitated by a qualified coach.  You will also be supported by mentors, some of whom have graduated from one of our previous C25K programmes. Everyone can run at their own pace. We will begin with a warm up and then move into a combination of running and walking, with the time spent running building up over the duration of the course. The warm up, cool down and stretches are in integral part to the success of your journey as they will help prevent injury.


Where will it be held?

We will meet outside Sandy Upper School at 6:50pm each Wednesday evening ready to begin the session at 7pm.  We will initially run at Sunderland Road recreation ground.


How far will I have to run?

The sessions are usually measured over time rather than distance and the run/walk intervals build up following a specific plan, which will prepare you for the 5km parkrun at the end! However, some of the quicker runners will cover more ground than the less-quick ones, but it’s the time you run that is important at this stage.


How long will it last?

The course will last 12 weeks, and about an hour each week. However, to ensure you get the most out of this course, you need to be able to set aside a couple more 1-hour sessions per week in your own time.


How much will this cost?

The course is £24.


What do I need?

A pair of running trainers*, some comfortable/supportive clothing (a high level active support sports bra is highly recommended), and a drink. If the weather is bad you will need appropriate clothing to keep you warm/dry..


*Running trainers, it is so important that the footwear you have is suitable for the job in hand. Fashion-type trainers will not be up to the job of supporting your feet, ankles and knees during this programme. It would be advisable to get your gait analysed before buying any trainers. At the very least, you need to ensure your trainers are not too small for you, generally speaking when you run, you will run in shoes 1-2 sizes bigger than your regular shoe size; this is because your feet swell as they get warm and also, as your foot strikes the ground, it moves forward. Shoes too small generally result in lost toe-nails…bleurgh!

What can you hope to achieve?

The aim is that you will be able to complete the free Bedford 5km parkrun that is held on a Saturday morning (at 9am in Bedford Park).  

Where do I sign up?

Click on the C25K Online Entry on the right.

Facebook group

Please join our closed Facebook group, this has proved invaluable as a resource for support, motivation, encouragement, inspiration and advice. This is a closed group, so only those on the programme can see what’s been posted. It’s a great place for banter too! The group is Biggleswade AC Couch 2-5k Group.