London Marathon

Eligibility Rules for London Marathon 'Club' Places

Each year in November/December, the club receive a number of "club" entries to the London Marathon. Typically this is either 2 or 3 places.

The following guidelines are used to select those club members to receive the "club" entries.

A set of five criteria are defined below.  A club member who wishes to be considered for a "club" place in the Marathon should meet all five criteria. However, you can still enter your name if you do not meet ALL five criteria, in case all the places are not taken by those who do meet all five criteria.



The date will be notified at least two weeks in advance to all members. Names are drawn out, usually during the annual Fairy Run. Ownership of the entry then passes to the club member.

If, after the draw is made, there is still one or more London Marathon place(s) unallocated, the committee will make a decision as to who gets the remaining place(s). The committee’s decision may be based on the criteria that the individuals have met, or other factors. e.g. participation in club league races; assistance with club organised events.

Good luck!

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