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wear a fluorescent vest when running at night 


Vikki Vowles

Vikki Vowles unexpectedly passed away on the morning of Wednesday 30 August at home.

Vikki came through the first Couch to 5K program and had since gone on to compete for the club at cross country and completed a half marathon, as well as recently completing the run leaders course to support Biggleswade AC members.

News and events for September 2017:
  • Annual Open – 23 Sep
  • Preparing for the Open – 16 Sep
  • Biggleswade AC Current Vacancies
  • Free Community Defibrillator Training - 14 Sep
  • Indoor and Sportshall Athletics
  • Round Norfolk Relay - 16 & 17 Sep
  • Quiz Night – 13 Oct
  • Club Records on track
  • Your performance on the web
  • New Members
  • Hibbard Trophy – 10 Sep
  • Training...




    Annual Open – 23 Sep

    Entries are rapidly filling especially on the fields events which are almost full. This is also our club track championships.

    We will also need plenty of helpers to make this its usual success, no previous experience necessary. If you are able to help please update the forum page.



    Preparing for the Open – 16 Sep

    Maintenance morning 9 to 12 - grease the hurdles, oil the winding mechanisms, tidy the store and generally prep for the Open.

    Many hands will make light work - 130 hurdles to grease and tighten up with 4 people can take an hour.

    Volunteers are needed to dig a sandpit, pull a tape measure, move hurdles – all will be welcome.

    Free hot food and drinks will be supplied.



    Biggleswade AC Current Vacancies

    Your club needs you!

    Biggleswade Athletic Club relies on the passion and commitment of members to support it, enabling us to thrive, grow and compete.  It is volunteers who regularly give their time as coaches or in club management who ensure we have the membership offer you all value.

    Whatever your skills and interests are, we have roles where you can give time regularly.

    We are looking for members who are interested in helping the club in formal roles as committee members.  Current vacancies are:

    Aside from the committee, we also need support with club catering from either one person or a group:
    • Catering role
    Members of all ages and abilities are encouraged to think about how you can help.

    Please see the Forum on the Biggleswade AC website for more details on the roles, and contact the club chairman (Damien Pitts) to discuss these roles.



    Free Community Defibrillator Training - 14 Sep

    Chris Robson, Sandy Town Clerk, has written about free defibrillator training.  The Club Secretary has put his letter on the forum:

    The Community Heartbeat trust will be demonstrating the use of defibrillators and explaining how the equipment works and its benefits to the community in saving precious minutes in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

    The more people that know how to use the portable defibrillators installed in our community, the more chance there is of saving the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

    Sandy Town Council has arranged for training to take place on Thursday 14 September 2017 at 7.30pm at the Jenkins Pavilion, Sunderland Road, Sandy. And would like to invite you and members of your group to attend.

    Everybody is welcome and no special skills are required, just your willingness to play an important role in the event of a medical emergency.

    To book a place on the training course please contact the council office on 01767 681491 or email with the names and contact details of those who will be attending. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.



    Indoor and Sportshall Athletics

    On Monday 16th October we start our indoor athletics and core sessions, from 6pm to 7pm at Stratton School sports hall, £2.50 a session.  Core sessions for all juniors and seniors, Sportshall Athletics for mini bees, and little bees.

    List of competitions are being compiled for Sportshall Athletics and regional finals, cross country and indoor athletics seasons, more details next month



    Round Norfolk Relay - 16 & 17 Sep

    The BAC RNR Committee have been working out the cycle and night car support roles, following the announcement of this years team.  Confirmation of the team, which now includes the cycle and night car support roles, can be seen on the RNR page of the Biggleswade AC website.  Where there are two names for one of the roles, this is because we will leave it up to the two individuals to discuss who wants to do the role.

    The RNR Team Briefing is on Tuesday 5th September at 8:15pm, at Sandy Upper School.  This is for all members of the team and for anyone from the club to find out what RNR is all about.

    More information about the RNR at



    Quiz Night – 13 Oct

    Our next quiz will be at Sandy Sports Centre Friday 13th October from 7:30pm, proceeds to be shared with a cancer charity.  £10-00 including supper



    Club Records on track

    David Brown has provided a list of Club record performances from this year's track season.  There may be others in the U11 age group, they will be reported after the Open where hopefully many more records may go.

     U13 Girls  Shot  Sophie Steele  9.08m  Bedford 13/8/17
       Javelin  Natasha Ryall  21.20m  Kingston 28/7/17
       Discus  Sophie Steele  24.15m  Bedford 13/8/17
     U15 Boys  100m  Cameron Rayner  11.7 secs  Colchester 29/7/17
     U15 Girls  High Jump  Leonie Brunning  1.67m  Bedford 25/6.17
       Pentathlon  Chloe Emery    
     U17 Men  Shot (6 kg)  Nathan Dodds  12.80m  Chelmsford 25/6/17
       Discus (1.5 kg)  Nathan Dodds  37.80m  Colchester 29/7/17
       Shot (7.26 kg)  Nathan Dodds  9.92m  Peterborough 19/8/17
       Javelin (800g)  Nathan Dodds  44.22m  Luton 18/4/17
     Sen Men  110m Hurdles  Euan Dickson Earle  14.42 secs  Loughborough 21/5/17
       Discus  Ethan Sinclair  39.68m  Peterborough 19/8/17
     Sen Women  3000m  Elaine Livera  10 mins 57.5 secs  Peterborough 19/8/17
       4 x 400m  Hannah Ridley, Elaine Livera,
     Katie Miles, Alice Middleton
     4 mins 25.8 secs  
     V35 Men  Shot (7.26 kg)  Jon Fediw  8.04m  Milton Keynes 5/7/17
     V45 Women  Pole Vault  Kathryn Juty  1.50m  Peterborough 19/8/17
       Triple Jump  Kathryn Juty  6.54m  Peterborough 19/8/17
     V55 Women  100m  Sandra Ingham  22.0 secs (=CR)  
       400m  Helen Kapur  113.5 secs  Bedford 3/5/17
       1500m  Helen Kapur  8 mins 25.4 secs  Cambridge 7/6/17



    Your performance on the web

    We have a page on our website that records and displays individual runners best performances (Runner's PBs)**.  At the moment it is largely populated by the older (and very old) members but it is open to all.

    If you want to have your presence on the world wide web then send Ken Prior your best performances from 5Km to ultra marathon.  You can see the format on the existing page.  This is YOUR page so there is no verification required, we just ask that it was a race over a reasonably accurate distance, Park Runs are fine.

    Ken needs a recognisable photo of you and a list of times/distances/ venues/dates.  If there are just a couple to add then email the information, if you have lots to add then email for a mini spreadsheet that Ken can auto-upload.  You can update these as often as you want, just me an email. Ken is looking forward to adding lots of new members and their performances, email him at

    ** yes, it should be Runners' PBs, blame your webmaster for that



    New Members

    Welcome to the following members that joined us recently:

       Lewis Parkins 
       Nick Lester 
       Sophie Lester 
       Sharon Jenkins 
       Ionela Grisic 
       Morgan Jukes 
       Ethan Sinclair 
       Alice Middleton 


    Hibbard Trophy – 10 Sep

    The Hibbard Trophy is an Eastern Athletic Assoc. intercounty event at Stevenage on 10 Sep.  Selected from our club to represent Bedfordshire at the Hibbard trophy are
     Sen men  Jamie Hall  5000 m
       Josh Watson  High Jump, 110m Hurdles
       Euan Dickson Earle  110m hurdles
       Alex Ingham  Javelin, Triple Jump
     Sen women  Elaine Ivre  3000m
       Sarah Ridley  100m, Shot, Discus
     U17 Men  Nathan Dodds  Discus, Shot, Javelin
    There could be others between now and the 10 September.  The match at Stevenage is between Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, cambs, Herts and us Bedfordshire.




    The weekly training schedule is outlined below, see the Training page of the website to see what the sessions involve, and the Club calendar for the latest information

     Monday  18:00  Senior Road Running
       19:00  Senior Running
       20:30  Core Conditioning
     Tuesday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:00  Track Session - over 800m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       18:30  Road Running Session
       19:00  Senior Distance Running Session
       19:00  Senior Road Running Session
     Wednesday  17:30  Mini Bees
       19:00  Senior Session
       19:00  Senior Structured Training
     Thursday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       19:00  Senior Distance Running
       19:00  Senior Road Running
     Sunday  Coffee & Cake Run


    Senior Road Training
    The group mainly meet at the front of Sandy Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, but also take part in occasional away days. The away days and specific session themes as currently known are listed here, check the calendar for updates (deselect everything except "Training" on the drop-down Agenda list and look for "Senior Road Running" on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
     Tue  Sep  5  Hillwork led by Gary
     Thu  Sep  7  Biggleswade loop led by Juliet
     from Runners Need, Biggleswade A1 Shopping Park, SG18 8NE
     Tue  Sep  12  Biggleswade Away Day led by Nick Haworth.
     from Crown Hotel (Wetherspoons), Biggleswade SG18 0JE
     Thu  Sep  14  Route 51 ledy by Gary
     Tue  Sep  19  Fartlek led by Gary
     Thu  Sep  21  Sandy Loop led by Damien Pitts
     Tue  Sep  26  Starbursts led by Gary
     Thu  Sep  28  RSPB Loop led by Juliet
     Tue  Oct  3  Speedwork led by Gary
     Thu  Oct  5  Biggleswade Loop led by Juliet
     Tue  Oct  10  Gamlingay Away Day led by Jan Blake
     Thu  Oct  12  Sandy Loop led by Gary
     Tue  Oct  17  Hillwork led by Gary
     Thu  Oct  19  Route 51 with torches led by Damien Pitts
     Tue  Oct  24  Fartlek led by Gary
     Thu  Oct  26  RSPB Loop with torches led by Juliet
     Tue  Oct  31  Halloween led by Gary


    Sunday Morning Coffee and Cake Runs
    See the schedule of runs on the
    club calendar; you should also check the message board for more details in the week leading up to each run.  Route maps are on the web site here or go to "Events" then "Coffee and Cake".


    Core Conditioning

    Core Conditioning Sessions will run on Monday nights at 8.30pm on the grass at the track.  The cost will be £2.50 per session, and you won't need a track pass.  The sessions are being run by Simon Desborough who runs Triumph Wellbeing in Potton with a view to continue all year round.  These sessions are for over 18s.

    Core Conditioning is about strengthening the multiple muscle groups in the centre (core) of the body, including the abdominal and low back muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and the gluteal muscles.  All these muscles work in concert to stabilize the spine while moving your limbs.


    Mini Bees

    For children between the ages of 6 to 8 years old, Wednesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm, from 12 July to 27 Sep

    The sessions will be held at the athletics track in Sandy (within the grounds of Sandy Upper School) and will take place every Wednesday from 12th July until the 27th September. Sessions start at 5.30pm and finish at 6.30pm.

    The programme will cost £25 for 12 sessions, or £2.50 per session.

    The proposed training schedule is:

        Week 1 – Short Sprints
        Week 2 – Long Jump
        Week 3 – Endurance (no longer than 400m)
        Week 4 – High Jump
        Week 5 – Small Hurdles
        Week 6 – Throws (Soft Shot and Discus)

    All sessions will start with simple athletic drills and finish with a warm down. It is a six week programme that will be repeated, so that they have the opportunity to do everything twice.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because the children are under 8 years old, parents/guardians will be required to be in attendance for the full hour.

    Any questions, speak to Sonia or Mandie.



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    SEPTEMBER 2017   Old News Club Website




    This section of the newsletter usually only has some highlighted races and leagues, and club events.  For a complete schedule of races, look at the Club calendar  - if you want to see a list, click "Agenda" at the top right, and use the drop-down menu to pick out the type of event you want; click on the event to see if there's any more details.

    Club Championships
     Sun   10 Sep   Swineshead 10 mile - online entry links, 350 places
     Sun    1 Oct   Standalone 10k, Letchworth Garden City – entries nearly 2/3 full
     Sun   19 Nov   St Neots Half Marathon - entries now full


    Fixtures for 2017

    David Brown has provided a list of events (since updated)
    SAL   Southern Athletics League, Division 3 North
    ESAA   English Schools Athletic Association
    ERRA   English Road Running Association
    CAU   UK Counties Athletic Union

    Track, Field, and Indoor events
     2-3 Sep 2017     Youth Development League Finals, Birmingham
     2-3 Sep 2017     Masters Combined Events Sheffield
     16-17 Sep 2017     ESAA Combined Events and Walks Boston

    Cross Country events:

     7 Oct 2017     ERRA 6/4 Stage Relays
     4 Nov 2017     English Cross Country Association Cross Country Relays Mansfield
     25 Nov 2017     ESAA Cross Country Cup Sevenoaks
     2 Dec 2017     ESAA CE International Glasgow

    Road Running:
    Stu has considerably updated his list of upcoming events that are either (vaguely) local or which feature club members on the entry list.

    If you are entering a race not on the list, either close to home or further afield, you can let us know on the forum.

    Races entered by members are marked "*"

     Sat   2 Sep *  Bedford Half Marathon
     Sat   2 Sep    The Beer Chase, London (5k & 10k)
     Sat   2 Sep    Olympic Park 10k summer series finale, London
     Sat   2 Sep    Run Richmond Park 5k & 10k, London
     Sat   2 Sep    Shoreham Woods 10k trail run, Sevenoaks
     Sat   2 Sep *  Stanwick Glorun 5k, Northamptonshire
     Sat   2 Sep    St Albans Stampede (12 hour race running on 4 mile loop)
     Sun   3 Sep    Dunstable Downs Challenge (Marathon, half marathon, 20 mile)
     Sun   3 Sep    Overton 5 mile
     Sun   3 Sep    Parallel London, Olympic Park (inc 5k & 10k)
     Sun   3 Sep    Regents Park 10k summer series finale, London
     Sat   9 Sep    Clapham Common 10k, London
     Sat   9 Sep    Wimbledon Common 10k, London
     Sun   10 Sep *  Great North Run half marathon, Newcastle upon Tyne
     Sun   10 Sep    Leighton 10 mile, Leighton Buzzard
     Sun   10 Sep *  Swineshead 10 mile (Club Championship)
     Sun   10 Sep    Two Arms On Two Legs half marathon & 10k, Aylesbury
     Sun   10 Sep    Woodland Zombie Run, Norwich
     Sat   16 Sep    Olympic Park 5k & 10k, London
     Sun   17 Sep    Cransley 10k and half marathon, Kettering
     Sun   17 Sep *  The Famous Canadian Beer Run, Toronto, Canada
     Sun   17 Sep    Manuden 5k & 10k, Bishop's Stortford
     Sun   17 Sep    Harvest Trail Half Marathon, Royston
     Sun   17 Sep    Ouse Valley Way Marathon, St Neots
     Sun   17 Sep    Richmond Marathon, London (inc half)
     Sun   17 Sep    Run Reigate 10k & half marathon
     Sun   17 Sep    Shardeloes 10k, Amersham
     Sun   17 Sep    Shelford 5k, Cambridgeshire
     Sat   23 Sep    Guts Ultra (58km) and half marathon, Barnes, London
     Sun   24 Sep    Ealing Half Marathon
     Sun   24 Sep *  Global Energy Race 10k, Torono, Canada
     Sun   24 Sep    Jolly Jaguars 10k, Coltishall, Norfolk
     Sun   24 Sep    St Paul's Waldon Bury Run 10k, Hitchin
     Sun   24 Sep    Sandringham 10k, Kings Lynn
     Sun   1 Oct    Graham Taylor Abbots Langley 5k & Tough 10k, Abbots Langley
     Sun   1 Oct    Ley Hill Challenge 5k & 10k, Chesham
     Sun   1 Oct    Middlesex 10k, Hackney
     Sun   1 Oct    South Bucks 5k & 10k, Slough
     Sun   1 Oct *  Standalone 10k, Letchworth Garden City (Club Championship)
     Sun   1 Oct *  Willow 10k, Hatfield
     Mon-Wed   2-4 Oct    Three days of six-hour timed races, Hayes:
      Another Run Bites The Dust
      Don't Stop Me (Running) Now
      I Want To Break Three
     Sat   7 Oct    CALM 10k, London
     Sat   7 Oct    Richmond Park 5k & 10k, London
     Sun   8 Oct    Big Charity 10k, Greenwich, London
     Sun   8 Oct *  Great Eastern Run half marathon, Peterborough
     Sun   8 Oct    Herts 10k, Harpenden
     Sun   8 Oct    Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon, London
     Sun   8 Oct    Royal Parks Half Marathon, London
     Sun   8 Oct    Wimpole Hoohaah Half Marathon & 10 mile
     Sun   8 Oct    Women's Running Race Series 5k & 10k, Haringey, London
     Sat   14 Oct    Shoreditch Park Relay (4 x 2.5km legs), London
     Sun   15 Oct    Ampthill Trophy 10k
     Sun   15 Oct    Cambourne 5k
     Sun   15 Oct    Clissold Park Relay (4 x 2.5km), London
     Sun   15 Oct    Great Yarmouth East Coast 10k
     Sun   22 Oct    Richmond Park 5k & 10k
     Sun   22 Oct *  Stevenage Half Marathon
     Sun   22 Oct    Water Of Life half marathon & 10k, Marlow
     Mon   23 Oct    Holt 10k, Norfolk
     Fri-Sun   27-29 Oct    Run For Your Life! Ghost Tour & 8k run, London
     Sun   29 Oct    Emer Casey 10k, Herne Hill, London
     Sun   29 Oct    Greenthumb Fenland 10 miles, Wisbech
     Sun   29 Oct    Luton Half Marathon (plus 10k)
     Sun   29 Oct    Ricky Road Run 10 mile, Rickmansworth
     Sun   29 Oct    Wimbledon Half Marathon (plus 10k), London
     Sun   5 Nov    Lode Half Marathon
     Sun   5 Nov    Marlow Half Marathon and Marlow 7 mile race
     Sun   5 Nov    Richmond Riverside Half Marathon, London
     Sat   11 Nov    Chiltern Hills Challenge, Tring (36 miles)
     Wed   15 Nov    Run In The Dark 5k & 10k, Battersea, London
     Sun   19 Nov    Croxley Park 10k, Watford
     Sun   19 Nov    Richmond 10k, London
     Sun   19 Nov *  St Neots Half Marathon (Club Championship)
     Sat   25 Nov    Discover Run The Wild, Tring (approx 13 miles)
     Sun   26 Nov    Bass Belle 10 mile, Bassingbourn
     Sun   26 Nov    Breckland Forest 10k, nr Thetford
     Sun   26 Nov    Hatfield 5 (5 mile)
     Sun   26 Nov    Kingston Riverside 10k, London
     Sun   26 Nov    Watford Autumn 10k
     Sat   2 Dec    Olympic Park 10k winter series opener, London
     Sun   3 Dec    Bedford Harriers Half Marathon
     Sun   3 Dec    Putney Riverside 10k, London
     Sun   3 Dec    Winter Wonderland 5k Santa Run, Thetford
     Sun   3 Dec    Watford Santa Dash 5k
     Sat   9 Dec    Richmond Park 5k & 10k, London
     Sat   16 Dec    Valentines Park Santa Dash 5k, Ilford




    News    Races    Results    Contacts    SEPTEMBER 2017   Old News Club Website




    The Club website has a "Results" page at with links to various places where you can find records of our activities.  Press reports of more recent activities are in the Chat|BAC Club blog (at

    Some older race results are at:
    -  for 2016 early results
    -  for 2015 results
    -  for 2014 results

    The Chat|BAC Club blog has extensive reports (with many photos) on recent events:

  • Southern Athletics League, Peterbrough, 19 Aug
  • Eastern Young Athletes League, Bedford, 13 Aug
  • Kennet & Avon Canal Race, 28 Jul – a 145-mile race
  • Riverside Runners 30th Anniversary 10k, St Neots, 39 Jul
  • Bedfordshire AAA 10k
  • U13 Intercounties, Kingston-upon-Thames, 29 Jul
  • EYAL fixture in Colchester, 30 Jul
  • Eastern Masters league series at Stevenage, 26 Jul
  • Doug Anderson 5k, Bedford, 26 Jul



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    SEPTEMBER 2017   Old News Club Website

    Biggleswade Athletic Club contacts

    Most contacts can found on the Club website,
    together with a map of where the club meets:
    click here for Club Management
    and how to reach them

    Club Secretary:     Hannah Broom

    Web sites:     the club
      latest newsletter
      previous newsletters

    Newsletter Editor:     David Hindle 6 Mallard Walk, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8DY

    SEPTEMBER 2017
    Biggleswade Athletic Club

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