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Wear a fluorescent vest for evening running 

News and events for January 2018:
  • Renewing your Membership
  • Monday Circuits Suspended
  • County AAA Cross Country Championships – Sat 6 Jan 2018
  • 3 Counties Cross-Country – 14 Jan
  • Senior Presentation Evening – Fri 23 Feb
  • Round Norfolk Relay
  • Christmas Hills Workout
  • South of England Athletics Officials Association Conference
  • Training Day at Lee Valley HPC, 28 Dec
  • Training...




    Renewing your Membership

    Georgia Barker, the Club Membership Secretary, asks you to renew your membership:

    Happy new year from me and a reminder please to everyone to pay their 2018 subs promptly!

    Membership is going paperless in 2018 and therefore we ask that everyone renews their subscription online by either clicking on the link that they will be sent on 1st January, or going to the membership section of our website and clicking on membership renewals.  This will reduce the admin carried out by the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer, and is more environmentally friendly (no paper membership forms, cheques, paying in books, etc).

    Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at



    Monday Circuits Suspended

    Due to reduced numbers over the last month, the circuits session on a Monday night at 7pm next to the Athletic Track have been suspended for the time being.  The sessions may be restarted in the spring, when it's better weather



    County AAA Cross Country Championships – Sat 6 Jan 2018

    This winter's Beds County Cross Country Championships are being held on our door step at Shuttleworth near Biggleswade.  The County AAA has asked if we can provide some help in marshalling and car park duties, all volunteers get a free lunch.  It is expected car parking assistance will be from 9:30 until approx 12:30 pm (car parking and entry is in the Shuttleworth's Aerodrome Collections main gate).  Marshalling will be from 11:30 until 3:15.  The course requires 6 marshalls so if we get many volunteers we can do shifts of 2 races.  For more information contact David, Nigel or Damo.

    Races are for all ages from U13s upwards.  Speak to your coach about entering, or download the entry form for individual entries.  This is a great opportunity to race locally on a challenging course and great chance for individual and team medals. 

    This event is a precursor and selection meeting for the televised UK CAU Intercounties being held at Loughborough in March, which is also the qualifiers and selection for the world cross country champs

    Timetable (Distances are approximate):
     11.30  U13 Girls  3000m
     11.45  U13 Boys  3000m
     12.00  U15 Girls  4000m
     12.15  U15 Boys  4000m
     12.30  U17/U20 Women  6000m
     13.00  U20 Men  8000m
       Vet 60+ Men  8000m
       Senior/Vet 40/50 Men  11000m
     14.00  Senior/Vet Women  8000m
     14.45  U17 Men  6000m



    3 Counties Cross-Country – 14 Jan

    The Club is hosting the 5th race in the 3 Counties Cross-Country League on January 14th, in Priory Park in Bedford with the Bedford Stadium as HQ.
    We need volunteers to marshal the race from 09.30 till 11.00,
    please will you get baking and freezing cakes - we need lots of cakes!

    If you can marshal please let Jackie Thompson or Juliet know (you'll get free cake and a hot drink!)
    If you can bake a cake or 2 let Juliet know.



    Senior Presentation Evening – Fri 23 Feb

    The senior presentation evening is booked for Friday 23rd February so make sure you get the date in your diary.  This year it will take place at Garden Court, Sandy (formerly the Holiday Inn on the A1 roundabout).  There will be a hot buffet and live music from Rumour Has it, a 5 piece band.  Tickets will be on sale next month and are £20 for adults and £10 for under 12's.



    Round Norfolk Relay

    The organisers are looking for a new race director to enable the race to continue after Neville Knight's retirement following the 2018 race, as well as other staff.  There's more information on the bulletin board.


    Christmas Hills Workout

    David Brown reports on our annual Christmas traditional hills workout:

    5 people came to have some exercise and fresh air after Christmas turkey.

    We used 3 different hills to do various sessions over the 90 mins.  Working on quads, hamstrings, and a bit of endurance, the group of 5 said it was a good session, hard but fair.

    We should be putting in such sessions for once or twice a month over this period.  Roll on next Christmas.


    South of England Athletics Officials Association Conference

    A report from one of our officials who attended this recent SEAOA conference:

    This was a chance to meet and learn from those with a passion for and knowledge of athletics.

    There were interesting seminars for all levels of officials both track and field from lowly level 1’s to international standard level 5’s.  I took the opportunity to learn about the not much mentioned ancillary roles: athlete registration, infield spotter, results recorder.  I was also shown how a seeding policy is applied.  I attended a timekeeper’s session and picked up some tips from experienced timekeepers and verified if my 1st year experiences were “normal”.  I joined the multi-event meetings session where we considered the issues that arise when planning, timetables, schedules and pools.

    The key note speaker was Paralympic gold medallist Anne Usher who inspired us with her big “can do” attitude.

    The AGM for the association took place during the day.

    Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, willing to share, making it a worthwhile day.


    Training Day at Lee Valley HPC, 28 Dec

    David Brown reports on a training day at Lee Valley:

    6 individuals braved the bad weather to travel to Enfield (Lee Valley High Performance Centre).  Snow was bad when we left, hoping for a 9am start, but we didn't arrive until 9:30.  Once through the Hatfield tunnel the snow was lighter and the roads were clear and as we approached North London the fields were green.

    The sessions were intense with a couple of the athletes from Biggleswade who had not competed nor trained indoors before and were surprised how different it was, but we thought it was very worthwhile - when can we go again?

    (Was that Sir Mo running round in lane 6 soon after we arrived?  He did give me a 'low 5' as I moved out of his lane when I was doing some advice coaching tips to Mia.)

    Later we moved up to the top floor to do some block work way from the main arena.

    (Was that Sir Mo still running around in lane 6 now 60 mins after he started, without a stop?)

    Later we reviewed the sessions, and generally the result was - when can we return?

    (Was that really Sir Mo in the GB running kit still running around in lane 6?)




    The weekly training schedule is outlined below, see the Training page of the website to see what the sessions involve, and the Club calendar for the latest information

     Monday  18:00  Senior Road Running
       19:00  Senior Running
       20:30  Core Conditioning
     Tuesday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:00  Track Session - over 800m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       18:30  Road Running Session
       19:00  Senior Distance Running Session
       19:00  Senior Road Running Session
     Wednesday  19:00  Senior Session
       19:00  Senior Structured Training
     Thursday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       19:00  Senior Distance Running
       19:00  Senior Road Running
     Sunday  Coffee & Cake Run


    Senior Road Training
    The group mainly meet at the front of Sandy Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, but also take part in occasional away days.  The away days and specific session themes as currently known are listed here, check the calendar for updates (deselect everything except "Training" on the drop-down Agenda list and look for "Senior Road Running" on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

     to date, the only planned training for January is the St Neots Away Day:
     Tue  Jan  16  St Neots Away Day led by Nigel Bush


    Sunday Morning Coffee and Cake Runs
    See the schedule of runs on the
    club calendar; you should also check the message board for more details in the week leading up to each run.  Route maps are on the web site here or go to "Events" then "Coffee and Cake".


    Core Conditioning

    Core Conditioning Sessions will run on Monday nights at 8.30pm on the grass at the track.  The cost will be £2.50 per session, and you won't need a track pass.  The sessions are being run by Simon Desborough who runs Triumph Wellbeing in Potton with a view to continue all year round.  These sessions are for over 18s.

    Core Conditioning is about strengthening the multiple muscle groups in the centre (core) of the body, including the abdominal and low back muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and the gluteal muscles.  All these muscles work in concert to stabilize the spine while moving your limbs.



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    JANUARY 2018   Old News Club Website




    This section of the newsletter usually only has some highlighted races and leagues, and club events.  For a complete schedule of races, look at the Club calendar  - if you want to see a list, click "Agenda" at the top right, and use the drop-down menu to pick out the type of event you want; click on the event to see if there's any more details.

     Sat  6 Jan    County AAA Cross Country Championships, Shuttleworth
     Sun  14 Jan    3 Counties Cross-Country, Bedford

     The following are indoor events at Lee valley:
     Sat/Sun  6/7 Jan    SEAA Southern Indoor Championships U15/U17 – entries closed
      details on the SEAA website
     Sat/Sun  13/14 Jan    SEAA Southern Indoor Championships Sen/U20 - Closing date 2 Jan
      details on the SEAA website
     Sat/Sun  20/21 Jan    London Indoor Games U15/17 - Closing date 14 Jan
      details on the Lee Valley website
     Sat/Sun  27/28 Jan    London Indoor Games U20/Sen - Closing date 21 Jan
      details on the Lee Valley website
     Sat/Sun  3/4 Feb    Eastern Athletics Indoor Championships - Closing date 11 Jan
      details on the Eastern Athletics website
     NB the home web page currently has the wrong year for this event

    If you have any questions about these events, ask David Brown or your coach



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    JANUARY 2018   Old News Club Website




    The Club website has a "Results" page at with links to various places where you can find records of our activities.  Press reports of more recent activities are in the Chat|BAC Club blog (at

    Some older race results are at:
    -  for 2016 early results
    -  for 2015 results
    -  for 2014 results

    The Chat|BAC Club blog has extensive reports (with many photos) on recent events:

  • 3 Counties Cross Country, Standalone Farm, Letchworth, 17 Dec




    News    Races    Results    Contacts    JANUARY 2018   Old News Club Website

    Biggleswade Athletic Club contacts

    Most contacts can found on the Club website,
    together with a map of where the club meets:
    click here for Club Management
    and how to reach them

    Club Secretary:     Hannah Broom

    Web sites:     the club
      latest newsletter
      previous newsletters

    Newsletter Editor:     David Hindle 6 Mallard Walk, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8DY

    JANUARY 2018
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