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wear a fluorescent vest when running at night 


News and events for July 2017:
  • Track Rules
  • Membership Subscriptions - 2017
  • Runners Need, Biggleswade Store
  • A reminder on club records
  • Mini Bees from 12 Jul
  • Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers
  • New Members
  • Training...




    Track Rules

    With the reopening of the track it is a good time to remind everyone of some housekeeping rules when around the track and field:



    Membership Subscriptions - 2017

    Georgia Barker, Membership Secretary, makes the following plea:

    As you are hopefully aware, membership subs for 2017 were due on 1st January.  There are still some members who are yet to pay, despite still being attendees at the club.  Whilst we don’t wish to be in the position of “expelling” members from the club, the club rules which are published on our website are clear that:

    Membership Arrears - No Member of the Club whose subscription is more than one month in arrears shall be entitled to compete for the Club in any athletic event.

    The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose subscription is over six months in arrears, provided one month’s notice has been given in writing to the said Member.  Notice of any such expulsion may be notified to the Bedfordshire AAA after one year.

    Can I please ask that overdue subs are therefore paid with immediate effect.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me at  I assure you that correspondence will be kept entirely confidential.



    Runners Need, Biggleswade Store

    The Secretary, Chairman and Comms had a successful meeting with Runners Need and you should have all received your club discount codes via the email you set up to use subsonline.  We look forward to working with them and are organising training runs around technical talks that will be held at the store.  These will be advertised on the forum and added to the club calendar.  The first is being held on Tuesday 4th July between 6-8pm and will be an away day in Biggleswade for the senior road running groups to accommodate.  All BAC members (seniors or juniors) are welcome to join in and are encouraged to.



    A reminder on club records

    It looks like the Club record-keeper is not being informed of some potential record performances, as a result several of the records we have on the books are probably a little out of date now.

    So please have a look through your recent performances, and performances of young athletes that you work with or are related to, and make sure records haven't been set without you realising!  This is particularly relevant if you're in the MV35 age group, as it's quite a new category.

    The Club's rules on records are at record rules Apr 16.pdf - key sections are:

  • It is the responsibility of the individual athlete or their coach to draw the attention of the club records keeper to a potential new club record.  This should include information on the event, date and performance.
  • Club records can only be set by a first claim, paid up member of Biggleswade AC; athletes should be competing for Biggleswade AC or at a higher representative level

    Information about possible records should be sent to



    Mini Bees from 12 Jul

    Once again we will be running our very popular athletic training sessions for children between the ages of 6 to 8 years old – affectionately known as the 'Mini Bees' group.

    The sessions will be held at the athletics track in Sandy (within the grounds of Sandy Upper School) and will take place every Wednesday from 12th July until the 27th September. Sessions start at 5.30pm and finish at 6.30pm.

    The programme will cost £25 for 12 sessions, or £2.50 per session.

    The proposed training schedule is:

        Week 1 – Short Sprints
        Week 2 – Long Jump
        Week 3 – Endurance (no longer than 400m)
        Week 4 – High Jump
        Week 5 – Small Hurdles
        Week 6 – Throws (Soft Shot and Discus)

    All sessions will start with simple athletic drills and finish with a warm down. It is a six week programme that will be repeated, so that they have the opportunity to do everything twice.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because the children are under 8 years old, parents/guardians will be required to be in attendance for the full hour.

    Any questions, speak to Sonia or Mandie.



    Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers

    As in previous years, Biggleswade AC is collecting the Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers, so if you are shopping or buying fuel at Sainsbury's, please say "yes" when they ask you if you are collecting the vouchers.

    Please pass your vouchers to Damien Pitts or Sonia Edwards.  Vouchers have to be redeemed before 28 July, so please give your vouchers to Damien or Sonia well before that date.



    New Members

    Welcome to the following members that joined us in March:

       Jamie Hall 
       Elaine Livera 
       Hannah Stokes 
       Jon Fediw 
       Johnathon Smith 
       Lizzie Deans 
       Adam Read 
       Freddie Steele 
       Olivia Christian 





    Senior Track Training
    For those middle and long distance athletes interested in track training, our coach Zoe Luscombe will be pleased to meet you.  Training on the track starts at 6.00pm every Tuesday.


    Senior Road Training
    You will find the Seniors Training Programme and other training events in the
    Club calendar
     Tue  Jul  4  Biggleswade Loop led by Julia MacKay
     from Runners Need, Biggleswade A1 Shopping Park, SG18 8NE
     Thu  Jul  6  RSPB Loop led by Damien Pitts
     Tue  Jul  11  Fartlek led by Gary Baldwin
     Thu  Jul  13  Route 51 led by Julia Mackay
     Tue  Jul  18  Wrestlingworth away day hosted by Nat & Rob Morgan
     Thu  Jul  20  Hillwork led by Juliet Grimwood
     Tue  Jul  25  Black Barn led by Juliet Grimwood
     Thu  Jul  27  RSPB Loop led by Gary Baldwin
     Tue  Aug  15  Shefford, Navigators Way hosted by Nigel Bush
      other Senior Road Training events in August will be at Sandy or are currently undecided

     You may need a track pass or to pay for a day pass when doing Speed or Track work


    Sunday Morning Coffee and Cake Runs
    See the schedule of runs on the
    club calendar; you should also check the message board for more details in the week leading up to each run.  Route maps are on the web site here or go to "Events" then "Coffee and Cake".


    Core Conditioning

    Core Conditioning Sessions will run on Monday nights at 8.30pm on the grass at the track.  The cost will be £2.50 per session, and you won't need a track pass.  The sessions are being run by Simon Desborough who runs Triumph Wellbeing in Potton with a view to continue all year round.  These sessions are for over 18s.

    Core Conditioning is about strengthening the multiple muscle groups in the centre (core) of the body, including the abdominal and low back muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and the gluteal muscles.  All these muscles work in concert to stabilize the spine while moving your limbs.


    Mini Bees

    For children between the ages of 6 to 8 years old, Wednesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm, from 12 July to 27 Sep, for details see above



  • News    Races    Results    Contacts    JULY 2017   Old News Club Website




    This section of the newsletter usually only has some highlighted races and leagues, and club events.  For a complete schedule of races, look at the Club calendar  - if you want to see a list, click "Agenda" at the top right, and use the drop-down menu to pick out the type of event you want; click on the event to see if there's any more details.

    Club Championships
     Wed   26 Jul   Doug Anderson 5k, Bedford – online entries open till 21 July, max 500
     Sun   10 Sep   Swineshead 10 mile - online entry links, 350 places
     Sun    1 Oct   Standalone 10k, Letchworth Garden City – entries nearly 2/3 full
     Sun   19 Nov   St Neots Half Marathon - entries now full


    Fixtures for 2017

    David Brown has provided a list of events (since updated)
    SAL   Southern Athletics League, Division 3 North
    ESAA   English Schools Athletic Association
    ERRA   English Road Running Association
    CAU   UK Counties Athletic Union

    Track, Field, and Indoor events
     7-8 Jul 2017     English Schools Birmingham
     8 Jul 2017     SAL Mile End
     29-30 Jul 2017     CAU Bedford
     12-13 Aug 2017     National Champs U15/U17 Bedford
     19 Aug 2017     SAL Peterborough
     2-3 Sep 2017     Youth Development League Finals, Birmingham
     2-3 Sep 2017     Masters Combined Events Sheffield
     16-17 Sep 2017     ESAA Combined Events and Walks Boston

    Cross Country events:

     7 Oct 2017     ERRA 6/4 Stage Relays
     4 Nov 2017     English Cross Country Association Cross Country Relays Mansfield
     25 Nov 2017     ESAA Cross Country Cup Sevenoaks
     2 Dec 2017     ESAA CE International Glasgow

    Road Running:
    Stu has compiled a list of upcoming events that are either (vaguely) local or which feature club members on the entry list.  He hopes to keep it updated throughout the year as members declare entry to races, and as other events confirm their dates.

    If you are entering a race not on the list, either close to home or further afield, you can let us know on the forum.

    Races entered by members are marked "*"

     Sun    2 July    March 5 Spud Run
     Sun    2 July    Marcus Gynn Newmarket 10k
     Sun    2 July    Wardown Park 5k/10k, Luton
     Sun    9 July *  Ware 10 Mile
     Sun    9 July    Southend Half Marathon
     Mon   10 July *  Grafham Water 1 Lap Challenge (8.91 miles)
     Sun   16 July    Luton 10k
     Fri   21 July *  Beds AAA 10k
     Wed   26 July *  Doug Anderson 5k, Bedford (Club Championship)
     Sun   30 July *  Riverside Runners 30th Anniversary 10k
     Fri-Sun   4-6 Aug *  Filthy Girl Mud Run, 5k/10k, Walton upon Trent
     Sun   20 Aug    Kimbolton Half Marathon
     Sat    2 Sept *  Bedford Half Marathon
     Sun   10 Sept *  Swineshead 10 mile (Club Championship)
     Sun   10 Sept *  Great North Run half marathon, Newcastle upon Tyne
     Sun   17 Sept *  The Famous Canadian Beer Run, Toronto, Canada
     Sun    1 Oct *  Standalone 10k, Letchworth Garden City (Club Championship)
     Sun    1 Oct    Willow 10k, Hatfield
     Sun   22 Oct    Stevenage Half Marathon
     Sun   19 Nov *  St Neots Half Marathon (Club Championship)




    News    Races    Results    Contacts    JULY 2017   Old News Club Website




    The Club website has a "Results" page at with links to various places where you can find records of our activities.  Press reports of more recent activities are in the Chat|BAC Club blog (at

    Some older race results are at:
    -  for 2016 early results
    -  for 2015 results
    -  for 2014 results

    The Chat|BAC Club blog has extensive reports (with many photos) on recent events:

  • Eastern Area Championships in Cambridge
  • Colworth Marathon Challenge
  • Run Bedford 10k
  • Marston Forest 5k
  • England Athletics Under 23 Championships
  • Eastern Masters League in Cambridge
  • Northern Athletics Championships
  • SEAA Championships
  • Norfolk 100k Ultra Marathon
  • Blenheim Palace Triathlon
  • Eastern Young Athletics League at Luton
  • Casterbridge Half Marathon
  • Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon

    Club Pentathlon, 10 June

    Detailed results of the recent Club Pentathlon are on the Club website.



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    JULY 2017   Old News Club Website

    Biggleswade Athletic Club contacts

    Most contacts can found on the Club website,
    together with a map of where the club meets:
    click here for Club Management
    and how to reach them

    Club Secretary:     Hannah Broom

    Web sites:     the club
      latest newsletter
      previous newsletters

    Newsletter Editor:     David Hindle 6 Mallard Walk, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8DY

    JULY 2017
    Biggleswade Athletic Club

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