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 BE  SAFE – BE  SEEN   Wear a fluorescent vest for evening running 

News and events for November 2018:
  • Extraordinary General Meeting – 25 Sep
  • Some dates to note...
  • 10km Club Champions
  • Junior Presentation Night – 16 Nov
  • Senior Presentation Night – 1 Feb
  • New Members
  • Training...





    The clocks went back at the end of October, and the evenings are now very dark - dig out your reflective or high viz vests and jackets, or wear light clothing (but that doesn’t show up as much as you think).  When road running it is imperative to be safe and be seen even when you're in large groups, so wear clothing which can be easily seen.



    Extraordinary General Meeting – 25 Sep

    At the EGM on 25 September, Chaiman Damian highlighted the need for volunteers to help run the Club, its training, and its events.  Since then several individuals have volunteered for some of the roles.

    The Club is still looking for volunteers for these roles:



    Some dates to note...

     Fri   16 Nov   Junior Presentation Night
     Sun   18 Nov   St Neots Half Marathon, Club Championship race
     Fri   1 Feb   Senior Presentation Night



    10km Club Championship Results

    32 BAC members took part in the 10km club championship on 7 Oct at Standalone.
    Congratulations to Hannah Broom and Charles Arnold, who are the 2018 BAC 10km club champions.

     Posn    Time  Age Graded Result  
     19  Steven Baldwin  00:36:35  00:36:35  
     42  Paul Davies  00:38:16  00:33:44  
     46  Paul Cooke  00:38:28  00:35:49  
     49  Rob Morgan  00:38:48  00:36:07  
     ??  Hannah Broom  00:40:20  00:39:28  Lady Club Champ
     90  John Stott  00:40:54  00:36:04  
     121  Charles Arnold  00:42:05  00:33:15  Male Club Champ
     134  Aaron Ball  00:42:28  00:42:22  
     208  Malcolm Steward  00:44:35  00:41:30  
     341  Kathryn Juty  00:48:16  00:43:08  
     364  Richard Barker  00:48:31  00:43:28  
     433  Martha Ford  00:50:18  00:50:05  
     439  Sarah Geeson-Orsgood  00:50:09  00:47:54  
     475  Stuart Goodwin  00:51:35  00:48:45  
     509  Ian Grimwood  00:52:15  00:40:11  
     595  Nicky Double  00:53:41  00:51:38  
     670  Richard Dilley  00:55:30  00:49:20  
     720  Juliet Grimwood  00:56:28  00:47:23  
     726  Simon Strong  00:56:04  00:49:50  
     732  Georgia Barker  00:56:48  00:52:56  
     739  Vicky Berry  00:56:57  00:47:10  
     753  Julian Brunt  00:56:58  00:51:50  
     1000  Samantha Thorogood  01:03:12  01:00:22  
     1019  John Luff  01:04:04  00:55:35  
     1024  Julie Spavins  01:04:12  00:54:35  
     1031  Rachel Hallam Stott  01:04:46  01:01:24  
     1032  Colin Harries  01:05:21  00:46:37  
     1033  Helen Steward  01:04:48  00:59:13  
     1069  Louise Pike  01:06:12  01:03:40  
     1070  Julia Mackay  01:06:11  00:55:32  
     1137  Sue Whitfield  01:08:59  01:00:09  
     1204  Bev Strong  01:15:01  01:09:15  



    Junior Presentation Night - Fri 16 Nov

    The Junior Presentation Night will be held on Fri 16 Nov at the Weatherly Centre, Biggleswade from 7 to 10pm.  The night will include a team GB speaker, buffet (with one free drink), disco and the award presentations.  Tickets are £3.50 for under 11 years old and £6.50 for over 11 years old, available track side on a Tuesday and Thursday night or please contact Mandy Trudgill.



    Senior Presentation Night - Fri 1 Feb 2019

    The date for the Senior Presentation Night has just been set for Fri 1 Feb, more details will follow shortly.



    New Members

    A warm welcome to the following members that joined us recently:

       Samuel Dilley 
       Oliver Stokes 
       Lynn Hill 
       Matthew Breeze 
       Jacqueline Chan 




    The weekly training schedule is outlined below, see the Training page of the website to see what the sessions involve, and the Club calendar for the latest information

     Monday  18:00  Senior Road Running
     Tuesday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:00  Track Session - over 800m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       18:30  Road Running Session
       19:00  Senior Distance Running Session
       19:00  Senior Road Running Session
     Wednesday  19:00  Senior Structured Training
     Thursday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       19:00  Senior Distance Running
       19:00  Senior Road Running
     Sunday  Coffee & Cake Run
    If you post anything on Facebook relating to training sessions/races etc please remember to mirror your post on the Forum and vice versa so all members are aware.  You can reach the Forum from the home page ( of the Club and clicking "Forum".


    Sportshall sessions at Biggleswade Recreation Centre, Stratton School, will start again on Monday 15 October, at 6pm, for kids of 6 years upwards (school year 2).


    Senior Road Training
    The group mainly meet at the front of Sandy Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, but also take part in occasional away days.  The away days and specific session themes as currently known are listed here, check the calendar for updates (deselect everything except "Training" on the drop-down Agenda list and look for "Senior Road Running" or "Senior Road Running Session" on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
     Thu  Nov  1  Biggleswade loop led by Juliet
     from Runners Need, A1 Shopping Park, Biggleswade SG18 8NE
     Tue  Nov  6  Starbursts led by Gary
     Thu  Nov  8  Sandy loop led by Vicky
     Tue  Nov  13  St Neots away day led by Nigel Bush
     from Market Place, Saint Neots PE19 1DJ
     Thu  Nov  15  Sandy loop led by Damien
     Tue  Nov  20  Sandy loop led by Gary
     Thu  Nov  22  Fartlek led by Juliet
     Tue  Nov  27  Hillwork led by Damien
     Thu  Nov  29  RSPB loop with torches led by Juliet
     Tue  Dec  4  Fartlek led by Gary
     Thu  Dec  6  Biggleswade loop led by Vicky
     from Runners Need, A1 Shopping Park, Biggleswade SG18 8NE
     Tue  Dec  11  ???
     Thu  Dec  13  Sandy Loop led by Damien
     Tue  Dec  18  RSPB loop with torches led by Juliet
     Thu  Dec  20  Sandy loop led by Juliet


    Sunday Morning Coffee and Cake Runs
    See the schedule of runs on the
    club calendar; you should also check the Forum for more details in the week leading up to each run.  Route maps are on the web site here or go to "Events" then "Coffee and Cake".



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    NOVEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website




    This section of the newsletter usually only has some highlighted races and leagues, and club events.  For a complete schedule of races, look at the Club calendar  - if you want to see a list, click "Agenda" at the top right, and use the drop-down menu to pick out the type of event you want; click on the event to see if there's any more details.

    Club Championships
     Sun   18 Nov   St Neots Half Marathon

    David Brown has compiled this list of fixtures, he is likely to have later information about others
     key:  SEAA  South of England Athletic Association
       LIG  London Indoor Games (at Lee Valley)
       BUCS  British universities & Colleges Sport
       3 Counties  Three Counties Cross Country League
    more info about 3 Counties fixtures on the forum
       Chiltern  Chiltern Cross Country League

    Indoor Athletics season
      Sat-Sun   15-16   Dec   SEAA Combined Events Champs, Lee Valley
      Tue   1   Jan   Lee Valley New Year's Day Open
      Sat-Sun   5-6   Jan   LIG, Lee Valley U15/17
      Sat-Sun   12-13   Jan   SEAA U13/15/17 Champs, Lee Valley
      Sat-Sun   19-20   Jan   SEAA U20/Sen Champs, Lee Valley
      Sat-Sun   26-27   Jan   LIG U20/Sen, Lee Valley
      Sat   16   Feb   Muller Indoor Grand Prix, Birmingham
      Fri-Sun   15-17   Feb   BUCS Champs, Sheffield
      Fri-Sun   23-24   Feb   U15/17/20 Indoor Champs, Sheffield

    Sportshall League
      Sun   4   Nov   Bedford
      Sun   2   Dec   Bedford

    Cross Country
      Sun   4   Nov   3 Counties, Dunstable
      Sat   10   Nov   Chiltern, Milton Keynes
      Sat   17   Nov   Eastern Counties Champs, Ipswich
      Sun   25   Nov   3 Counties, Wellingborough
      Sat   1   Dec   Chiltern, Luton
      Sat   8   Dec   SEAA Intercounties and Masters, Horspath, Oxford
      Sun   16   Dec   3 Counties, Letchworth
      Sat   5   Jan   Beds County Champs, High Wycombe (With Bucks AA)
      Sat   12   Jan   Chiltern, Keysoe (Bedford)
      Sun   13   Jan   3 Counties, tbd
      Sat   26   Jan   SEAA Champs, Parliament Hill, London
      Sun   27   Jan   3 Counties, Hardingstone
      Sat   9   Feb   Chiltern, Milton Keynes
      Sat   23   Feb   National, Leeds
      Sat   9   Mar   Intercounties, Loughborough



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    NOVEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website




    The Club website has a "Results" page at with links to various places where you can find records of our activities. 

    Press reports of more recent activities are in the Chat|BAC Club blog (at

    The Chat|BAC Club blog has extensive reports (with many photos) on recent events:

    • Steven Baldwin writing about his success in the St Neots Triathlon, which has led to a place representing Great Britain in the European Triathlon Union championship in Weert, Netherlands in 2019
    • the Surrey Combined Events Championships, with Dan Steel competing in his last decathlon in a BAC vest and Darren Janssen competing in his first.
    • the Eastern Combined Events in Peterborough, with Tegan Blake in her first multi-events competition, and Leonie Brunning, who heads our clubs rankings nationally, finishing top 3 in UK, U17 ladies High Jump; Leonie has another year at U17 so plans are she tops the list next year



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    NOVEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website

    Biggleswade Athletic Club contacts

    Most contacts can found on the Club website,
    together with a map of where the club meets:
    click here for Club Management
    and how to reach them

    Club Secretary:     Hannah Broom

    Web sites:     the club
      latest newsletter
      previous newsletters

    Newsletter Editor:     David Hindle 6 Mallard Walk, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8DY

    NOVEMBER 2018
    Biggleswade Athletic Club

    News    Races    Results    Contacts    NOVEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website