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 BE  SAFE – BE  SEEN   Wear a fluorescent vest for evening running 

News and events for December 2018:
  • London Marathon 2019 - Club places
  • Fairy Run - Sat 22 Dec 10:00am
  • Some dates to note...
  • 10 Mile Club Championship Results
  • Half Marathon Club Championship Results
  • Senior Presentation Night - Fri 1 Feb 2019
  • New Members
  • Training...



    London Marathon 2019 - Club places

    The club has received two "club" entries to the London Marathon 2019, and there will be a draw for these places following our annual Fairy Run.  There are 5 criteria for Club members to qualify for the draw (but you can still enter your name if you do not meet all 5 criteria, in case all the places are not taken by those who do meet all 5 criteria).


  • Must have been a First-Claim, paid-up, Senior Member (or Life Member) of the Club from 1st October of the year preceding the London Marathon ballot
  • Must be affiliated to England Athletics
  • Must have completed a minimum of three road races of 5km or more as a member of the Club during the year of the London Marathon ballot, and by the time the results of the London Marathon ballot are announced
  • Must have applied for a place in the relevant London Marathon and received a rejection letter from that body (the Club may require evidence)
  • Have not received a London Marathon Club Place in the previous three years

    If you would like to be considered for the draw, please email your rejection email and details of how you meet the criteria above by the 15th December 2018, to - or email Mel if you have any questions.



    Fairy Run - Sat 22 Dec 10:00am

    Time to dust off your Fairy outfits, or treat yourself to a new outfit for this year – you might win the Best Dressed Fairy award!!

    We will be meeting in the RSPB Yew Tree car park for the Fairy Run with the Senior race starting at 10.30am .(drive past the shop and car park at the entrance to the RSPB, continue down the main RSPB drive, park in the car park on your left under the trees, before the main house).  Fairies please be there at 10:00am to collect your number and ballot paper.

    The RSPB gives us permission for the Fairy Run each year and they have asked that no dogs are brought on site, so please do not bring any dogs along to the Fairy Run or this will jeopardise gaining permission from the RSPB in the future for this event.

    The Senior race is a handicap race with the slowest runner going off first and the fastest runner going off last, in order for runners to finish at the same time or very close together!!  Seniors will be given a number to wear on the day, so that your time will recorded accurately by the time keeper. 

    To make sure you meet the criteria and to view a map of the course, see the race rules on ("Events" then "Fairy Run" on the Club website).

    The Best Dressed Fairy is judged by all competing Fairies on the day.  Each Fairy gets one vote for who they believe is the best dressed Fairy, your ballot paper will be given to you on the day.  Voting can be made at the RSPB or in the Kings Arms pub.  The winner will be announced in the Kings Arms along with the results of the handicap run.

    We are going to a different pub this year, the Kings Arms on London Road, Sandy (this is the original pub that the Fairy Run went to).  There will be a free buffet at the pub for Fairies to feast on with their drink or two (which are not free).

    The distance will be about 9 miles in total, but broken down with a couple of stops for at least an hour after about 3 miles.

    If you would like to take part in the Fairy Run this year, please add your name to the Forum, or post on the Facebook members page, in order for Chairman Damo to work out your handicap time.  You need to let Damo know by Thursday 20 December, if you want to take part, or you will be given a default time on the day.



    Some dates to note...

     Sat  22 Dec   Fairy Run (tell Damo by 20 Dec)
     Mon  31 Dec   Nominations for Lonely Pines Trophy
     Fri   1 Feb   Senior Presentation Night



    10 Mile Club Championship Results

    9 BAC members took part in the 10 mile club championship race at Green Thumb Fen 10 on 28 October.  Congratulations to Natalie Morgan and Charles Arnold, who are our 10 Mile club champions:
     Posn  Runner  Time  Age Graded
     22  Robert Morgan  1:03:36  0:59:45  
     24  Marcus Davey  1:03:46  0:57:34  
     45  John Stott  1:08:21  1:02:42  
     59  Charles Arnold  1:10:02  0:55:29  Male Club Champion
     89  Natalie Morgan  1:14:02  1:10:43  Lady Club Champion
     173  Clark Skerratt  1:21:53  1:01:15  
     197  Ian Grimwood  1:24:14  1:04:15  
     287  Maria Merridan  1:35:19  1:26:10  
     303  Juliet Grimwood  1:38:44  1:22:51  



    Half Marathon Club Championship Results

    Congratulations to Hannah Broom and Marcus Davey, who are our Half Marathon club champions.  30 BAC members took part in the half marathon club championship race at St Neots on 18 November:
       Time  Age Graded
     Steven Baldwin  1:18:56  1:18:56  
     Marcus Davey  1:23:02  1:15:19  Male Club Champion
     Paul Cooke  1:24:16  1:19:37  
     Nick Haworth  1:25:42  1:20:58  
     Hannah Broom  1:25:50  1:23:59  Lady Club Champion
     John Stott  1:28:52  1:19:16  
     Chris Watson  1:33:14  1:21:03  
     Charles Arnold  1:35:12  1:15:35  
     Natalie Morgan  1:35:30  1:31:13  
     Robert Morgan  1:35:31  1:30:15  
     Malcolm Steward  1:42:34  1:36:54  
     Damien Pitts  1:43:42  1:42:55  
     Robin Lewis  1:46:50  1:34:29  
     Kevin Goody  1:48:12  1:27:32  
     Neil Harvey  1:48:37  1:29:31  
     Andrew Bruce  1:49:52  1:33:51  
     Sarah Geeson Orsgood  1:50:56  1:45:57  
     Clark Skerratt  1:51:45  1:23:39  
     Ian Grimwood  1:57:15  1:29:33  
     Frank Mcloughlin  1:57:20  1:38:28  
     Stephen Atkins  1:57:28  1:31:29  
     Andrew Hedley  1:59:18  1:40:07  
     Ian Clayton  2:03:56  1:47:44  
     Sally Jones  2:05:08  1:58:37  
     Juliet Grimwood  2:05:14  1:45:06  
     Vicky Berry  2:05:15  1:45:07  
     Maria Merridan  2:07:25  1:55:11  
     Simon Strong  2:16:31  2:02:48  
     Matthew Lewis  2:19:25  2:19:21  
     Ros Bodi  2:26:59  2:03:21  



    Senior Presentation Night - Fri 1 Feb 2019

    The Senior Presentation night is on Friday 1st February at Garden Court, Sandy (formerly the Holiday Inn) and tickets will shortly be available, please keep an eye on the Forum and Members Facebook page for more details.

    Part of the night includes handing out a number of senior member trophies for 2018. As a member of Biggleswade AC you can nominate an individual(s) to receive the Lonely Pines Trophy - Club Members' Member of the Year. Previous winners of this award can be found on the Biggleswade AC website under The Club and Club Achievements.

    Send your nomination for this trophy and the reason why they should win the trophy, by the end of December, to Damien Pitts (



    New Members

    A warm welcome to the following members that joined us recently:

       Jonathan Batterbee 
       Hayden Stutely 
       Natalie Garner 
       Alex Hare 
       Hannah Lant 




    The weekly training schedule is outlined below, see the Training page of the website to see what the sessions involve, and the Club calendar for the latest information

     Monday  18:00  Senior Road Running
     Tuesday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:00  Track Session - over 800m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       18:30  Road Running Session
       19:00  Senior Distance Running Session
       19:00  Senior Road Running Session
     Wednesday  19:00  Senior Structured Training
     Thursday  17:30  Sprint Session
       18:00  Track Session - 800 to 1500m
       18:30  Field Event Session
       18:30  Junior Sessions
       19:00  Senior Distance Running
       19:00  Senior Road Running
     Sunday  Coffee & Cake Run
    If you post anything on Facebook relating to training sessions/races etc please remember to mirror your post on the Forum and vice versa so all members are aware.  You can reach the Forum from the home page ( of the Club and clicking "Forum".


    Sportshall sessions at Biggleswade Recreation Centre, Stratton School, will start again on Monday 15 October, at 6pm, for kids of 6 years upwards (school year 2).


    David Brown's Christmas Sessions
    David Brown will be doing his usual Christmas sessions:

  • Thu 27th Dec - Lee Valley High Performance Centre from 9:00am
  • Sat 29th Dec - hills at Rowney Warren 10:30am


    Senior Road Training
    The group mainly meet at the front of Sandy Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, but also take part in occasional away days.  The away days and specific session themes as currently known are listed here, check the calendar for updates (deselect everything except "Training" on the drop-down Agenda list and look for "Senior Road Running" or "Senior Road Running Session" on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
     Tue  Dec  4  Fartlek led by Gary
     Thu  Dec  6  Biggleswade loop led by Vicky
     from Runners Need, A1 Shopping Park, Biggleswade SG18 8NE
     Tue  Dec  11  Christmas Decorations run led by Gary
     Thu  Dec  13  Sandy Loop led by Damien
     Tue  Dec  18  RSPB loop with torches led by Juliet
     Thu  Dec  20  Sandy loop led by Juliet


    Sunday Morning Coffee and Cake Runs
    See the schedule of runs on the
    club calendar; you should also check the Forum for more details in the week leading up to each run.  Route maps are on the web site here or go to "Events" then "Coffee and Cake".



  • News    Races    Results    Contacts    DECEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website




    This section of the newsletter usually only has some highlighted races and leagues, and club events.  For a complete schedule of races, look at the Club calendar  - if you want to see a list, click "Agenda" at the top right, and use the drop-down menu to pick out the type of event you want; click on the event to see if there's any more details.


    David Brown has compiled this list of fixtures, he is likely to have later information about others

       BUCS  British universities & Colleges Sport
       CAU  UK Counties Athletic Union
       Chiltern  Chiltern Cross Country League
       ECCA  English Cross Country Association
       ESAA  English Schools' Athletic Association
       EYAL  Eastern Young Athletes' League
       LIG  London Indoor Games (at Lee Valley)
       SAL  Southern Athletics League
       SEAA  South of England Athletic Association
       3 Counties  Three Counties Cross Country League
    more info about 3 Counties fixtures on the forum

    CAUTION:  The dates for some of these events may be out by a day or two – please check for any event you are interested in.

    Track, Field, and Indoor Fixtures 2018-19
     Wed  5  Dec    SESSA Indoor Champs Lee Valley
     Sat  8  Dec    Minithon Yr3- 7 Lee Valley (Choose 3 events from programme)
     Sat  15  Dec    SEAA Combined Events u15b/u17w PENT other age Male groups Hept
     Sun  16  Dec    SEAA Combined Events u15g/u17w/U20W PENT other age groups Hept
     Tue  1  Jan    Lee Valley Open
     Sat  5  Jan    LIG U17
     Sat-Sun  5-6  Jan    LIG U13/15
     Sat-Sun  5-6  Jan    National CE Sheffield
     Sat-Sun  12-13  Jan    SEAA U13/15/17 Champs
     Sat-Sun  19-20  Jan    SEAA U20 Sen Champs
     Sat-Sun  26-27  Jan    LIG U20/Sen
     Fri  1  Feb    Varsity Match
     Sat-Sun  2-3  Feb    Eastern Indoor Champs (Lee Valley)
     Sat-Sun  16-17  Feb    AAA (England Champs) Indoors Birmingham
     Sat-Sun  16-17  Feb    BUCS Indoor Champs Sheffield
     Fri-Sun  23-24  Feb    National Indoors U15/17/20 Sheffield
       ?  Mar [tbc]  Sportshall Challenge Stratton
     Sun  24  Mar    Sportshall Regional Final Norwich
     Sat  6  Apr    Beds Open Luton
             Lee valley Spring open warm up meet
     Sat  13  Apr    SAL (St Ives)
     Sun  14  Apr    EYAL Bedford
     Sat  20  Apr [tbc]  LICC Lee Valley Poposal
     Sat-Mon  4-6  May    BUCS T&F Champs Bedford
     Sat  4  May    EYAL St Albans
     Sun  12  May [tbc]  Beds AAA Champs Luton
     Sun  12  May [tbc]  QUAD KIDS Luton
     Sat  18  May    SAL (Sandy)
     Sun  19  May    Loughborough International
     Sat-Sun  25-26  May    National CE Sen/U20 Bedford
     Sun  2  Jun    EYAL Hemel Hempstead
     Sat-Sun  8-9  Jun    SEAA U20/Sen Champs Bedford
     Thu  13  Jun [tbc]  Jumps fest Sandy
     Sat  15  Jun    SAL Peterborough
     Sun  16  Jun [tbc]  LICC Allianze Proposal
     Sun-Mon  16-17  Jun    National U23/20 Champs Bedford
     Sun  23  Jun    SAL (Parliament Hill)
     Sun-Mon  30/1  Jun/Jul    National champs and European Trials Birmingham
     Thu  4  Jul [tbc]  Track Fest Sandy
     Sat-Sun  6-7  Jul    SEAA Combined events Champs Horspath
     Sun  7  Jul    EYAL Stevenage
     Fri-Sat  12-13  Jul    ESAA Schools
     Sat  13  Jul    SAL Battersea
     Sat  27  Jul [tbc]  LICC Allianze Proposal
     Sat-Sun  27-28  Jul    UK CAU Manchester
     Sat  27  Jul    U13 Intercounties
     Thu  8  Aug [tbc]  Throws Fest Sandy
     Sat-Mon  10-12  Aug    U15/17 SEAA Champs Lee Valley
     Sun  11  Aug    EYAL Allianze
     Sat  17  Aug    SAL (Perrivale)
     Sat-Sun  24-25  Aug    AAA U15/17 Champs Bedford
     Sat  31  Aug    U15/20 SEAA Intercounties
     Sat  31  Aug [tbc]  LICC Allianze Proposal
     Sat  7  Sep    EYAL Finals
     Sat  7  Sep    Hibbard
     Sat-Sun  14-15  Sep    ESAA CE Champs
     Sat  28  Sep [tbc]  Biggleswade Open

    Road/Cross Country 2018-19
     Sat  8  Dec    SEAA Intercounties inc British Masters Horspath
     Sun  16  Dec    3 Counties NHRR
     Sat  5  Jan    County Cross Country (Beds ) High Wycombe
     Sat  12  Jan    Chiltern League Keysoe
     Sun  13  Jan    3 Counties Ampthill
     Sat  26  Jan    SEAA Cross Country Champs Parliament Hill
     Sun  27  Jan    3 Counties Wootton
     Sun  3  Feb    BUCS Cross Country Exeter
     Sun  10  Feb    Chiltern League Capbell Park Milton Keynes
     Sat  23  Feb    National Cross Country Leeds
             Schools Cross Country Relays (Rowney Warren)
     Sat  9  Mar    CAU Intercounties Loughborough (Prestwold Hall)
     Fri  15  Mar    ESAA Champs
     Sun  24  Mar    SEAA 12/6 Stage Relays, Milton Keynes
     Sun  7  Apr    Sandy 10 Sandy Fun Run
     Sun  28  Apr    London Marathon (mini Marathon)
     Sat  2  Nov    ECCA Cross Country relays Mansfield



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    DECEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website




    The Club website has a "Results" page at with links to various places where you can find records of our activities. 

    Press reports of more recent activities are in the Chat|BAC Club blog (at

    The Chat|BAC Club blog has extensive reports (with many photos) on recent events:

  • the Three Counties Cross Country races at Wellingborough and at Dunstable
  • the Fen 10 at Wisbech and the St Neots Half Marathon (both used as Club Championship races)
  • the Great Eastern Run at Peterborough
  • the Ampthill Trophy.

    The blog also reports on the awards at the Junior Presentation Evening, including the inauguration of the Sonia Brown Dedication Cup.



    News    Races    Results    Contacts    DECEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website

    Biggleswade Athletic Club contacts

    Most contacts can found on the Club website,
    together with a map of where the club meets:
    click here for Club Management
    and how to reach them

    Club Secretary:     Hannah Broom

    Web sites:     the club
      latest newsletter
      previous newsletters

    Newsletter Editor:     David Hindle 6 Mallard Walk, Biggleswade, BEDS SG18 8DY

    DECEMBER 2018
    Biggleswade Athletic Club

    News    Races    Results    Contacts    DECEMBER 2018   Old News Club Website