The Rules of the Club

  1. The name of the Club is the “Biggleswade Athletic Club” and membership is open to all persons and groups within the community who are bona-fide Amateurs, where an amateur is defined as a person who is eligible to compete under the rules of UK:Athletics (hereinafter referred to as UK:A)

  2. The Object of the Club is to promote Athletics under the rules laid down at various times by UK:A and to encourage and support athletes in all aspects of their sport in a safe, friendly, and harmonious environment.

  3. The Club shall be controlled by a Committee comprising a minimum of nine members, (five to be quorate), who shall have the power to co-opt. The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees with delegated powers. Three Trustees shall also be appointed at the Club’s AGM.

  4. All subscriptions shall become due on 1st January and shall be paid annually in advance. The level of subscriptions shall be agreed annually at the Club’s AGM. A reduced rate shall apply for members seventeen years of age and under, or who are still in full time education.

  5. Only paid-up members age eighteen and over may vote at an AGM of the Club, or hold a place on any Committee.

  6. Membership Arrears - No Member of the Club whose subscription is more than one month in arrears shall be entitled to compete for the Club in any athletic event.

  7. The Club colours are a Yellow vest with Blue side flash and Royal Blue shorts. All members shall wear the colours of the Club when competing in races where the organising Athletic Association or Federation signifies the requirement. If this rule is not observed the athlete may be disqualified.

  8. No member may compete in any sport for pecuniary reward other than as permitted by IAAF Rules which have been accepted by UK:A or take part in any athletics meeting, other than a Hill or Fell race, which is not sanctioned by UK:A or one of its Territorial or National Associations. If in doubt ask a Club Official.

  9. Members may compete on a Second Claim basis for the Club, or for other Clubs, providing the relevant regulations are observed and Club membership details are in order. The subscription rate for second-claim membership shall be agreed annually at the Club’s AGM.

  10. Members who are representing the Club at any event are required to observe a reasonable code of conduct in order to maintain and enhance the good name and reputation of the Club. 

  11. During training and coaching sessions, athletes are required to obey the instructions of the coaches on duty and to observe a strict code of conduct. The health and safety of all athletes, coaching staff, and any third parties, is of paramount importance and no actions which are likely to cause injury or grievance to any person will be countenanced.

  12. The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose subscription is over six months in arrears, provided one month’s notice has been given in writing to the said Member. Notice of any such expulsion may be notified to the Bedfordshire AAA after one year.

  13. The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member who knowingly contravenes any Rules of Competition laid down by UK:A or who commits any offence which is likely to bring the Club into disrepute or who knowingly flouts the Rules of the Club. The name of any member who is expelled from the Club under the terms of this paragraph shall be sent to the secretary of the Bedfordshire AAA along with details of the reason for expulsion.

  14. A member wishing to resign must do so in writing, the letter to be addressed to an Officer of the Club. Any outstanding subscriptions or money due to the Club must be paid at the time of resignation. Members wishing to join another Club following resignation must comply with conditions laid down by UK:A and may not be able to compete in any Open Team Competition confined to first claim members for a given period of time.

  15. The Rules of UK:A as they relate to Competition are held by the Club and any query or explanation relating to these rules may be sought from a Club Official.

  16. The Constitution of the Club is held by the Management Committee and a copy is available to any member upon request.