Membership Information

Biggleswade AC Cross Country

Our Membership Options

We offer 3 membership options here at Biggleswade Athletic Club:
Each option provides additional flexibility to cater for individual needs, for example  those who wish to train casually or even competitively.

More information can be found below.

Off Track

Step 1 (Required):
Start Here with a Membership Fee

Membership Fee

  • Required fee to join the club
  • Includes invitation to member events
  • Provides access to coaching resource
  • Access to running groups
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Step 2 (Optional):
If you want to Enter Competitions

England Athletics Competition Licence

  • Optional Fee
  • Permits entry to competitions
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Step 3 (Optional):
Access to Training Facilities

Track Pass

  • Access to Sandy Track
  • Competition grade facilities
  • Access to training equipment

Track and Field


  • Includes competition licence fee
  • Includes use of the Track
  • Ages 11-18
  • Pro-rata for First Year

Little Bee (Annual)

  • Lots of fun-filled activities
  • Includes use of the Track
  • Ages 8-10
  • Pro-rata for First Year

Little Bee (Quarterly)

  • Lots of fun-filled activities
  • Includes use of the Track (3 months)
  • Ages 8-10
  • Provides for greater flexibility

Other Memberships

Second Claim

Senior £100/yr & Junior £80/yr
  • Includes Club membership and Annual Track Pass

Membership and Payment


The Club uses SportMember to track and record membership registrations and renewals. The system also allows members to pay for their membership online by debit/credit card. You can download the SportMember app from Google Play or the App Store or visit

Contact Us

For further information or wishing to discuss payment options, please do not hesitate to email

Membership Benefits

Not only is there the opportunity to access our fantastic coaching provision, track facilities and social activities, but being a Club member also offers a discount on online purchases from and a Runners Need online and instore discount (A1 Retail Park, Biggleswade) plus additional benefits with England Athletics affiliation. Biggleswade AC is also currently allocated one Club place for the London Marathon available to a Club member wishing to run (based on certain criteria being met).